5 hangout ideas for Father’s Day

Hopefully your father, grandfather or whoever is a father figure to you will be close this Father’s Day (I mean, respecting the 1,5m distance). But even if he is not, there are certainly sustainable and special ways to celebrate the love between you.

If you’re not feeling very creative at the moment, we’ve got you covered! Check out these low (or zero) cost ideas that also keep the environment happy.


For the outdoorsy

Does Dad enjoy spending time outside? Treat him to a zero waste picnic! Make sure to bring food and drinks in reusable containers, as well as reusable cutlery and cups, to his favorite park or spot in the woods. A couple of blankets large enough to keep a safe distance is also handy, as well as a bag to store trash. This way, you avoid having nowhere to place organic waste because the public bins are too full (it can definitely happen in holidays like this).

To make this hangout even more sustainable, ride your bicycles to the location for zero emissions transportation.


For the artsy among us

If you play an instrument, serenading your dad at his doorstep or in a video call beats more traditional options like sending him flowers. Your performance, be it live or online, will be much more sustainable than spending countless resources and transporting flowers to their final destination.

To top it off, you can handwrite the lyrics of the song and make a customized letter, on beautiful recycled paper, for example. An even more sustainable option is to use scrap paper you have at home, some watercolor paint, water-based glue, and voila – you’ll have a meaningful, handmade letter that will cost you nothing or close to it. This is a perfectly special hangout for a special day.


For the crafty

It doesn’t matter if you have small kids (who may also be grandkids) or not; get ready to dive into a world of possibilities! By using watercolor or other water-based paint, sustainable crayons and colored pencils, and even bio glitter, you can create amazing works of art. Again, instead of buying those flowers, craft them! Can you imagine you kids’ cute little hand and footprints made into joyful, customized shapes?

And if you’re really, really crafty, there is always knitting and sewing to make or customize wearable items, such as clothes and accessories. Bring them to Dad’s and have a cup of coffee together for a traditional hangout with a twist. Or ship them and have him open the hand made gifts together with you in a video call.


For the romantic

This is a nice hangout for husbands – enjoying a home cooked meal together. It’s a gesture that never goes out of style, and may be a nice opportunity to surprise him with a new recipe and pair it with his favorite dessert. Have you been thinking about trying vegan or vegetarian options, for example? It may be the right time! Make sure you have in-season, fresh ingredients, and his taste buds will be very happy.


For the adventurous

Now, is Dad outdoorsy and adventurous? I bet he’d love a kayak or canoe ride. It is true that rental places may be a bit too crowded on Father’s Day, so an interesting alternative is to book this hangout for another day, even a weekday. There’s still time to do it in advance, but doing it afterwards is also fine. You can email Dad the reservation and he will know his adventure is coming.

If you’re able to be there, enjoy nature and each other’s company. If you can’t be with him, an idea is to treat a friend of his to the hangout to keep him company.

In the end, what really matters is to express your love in some way. That’s the best ingredient for a joyful, sustainable relationship. So green up your life and be there for each other!

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