Donderdag 6 februari | 16.00 – 18.00

Loopholes in the circular economy

Attendees gain a critical insight into the circular economy, and knowledge on how to identify its potential loopholes and limitations.

About this Event

Circular Economy is undoubtedly a useful concept. Its application in industries and national economy can possibly be a game changer. But is it that simple? Is it the silver bullet to completely solve the problems of resource depletion, emissions and waste production? It is important to examine its role critically so we can better implement such solutions.

This session introduces an integrated way of looking at circular economy. We will reveal how, by contextualising circular economy within a larger systemic approach, we can achieve real sustainability.

With this session, you gain a critical eye, go beyond the jargon, and recognise the loopholes, to see the big picture of how CE can be a powerful tool for sustainability.

This workshop is two hours long, and will be followed by a reception to unwind, discuss, and meet like-minded professionals.

This event is in English with maximum of 15 attendees. It is aimed at professionals with basic knowledge of circular economy practise.


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Prijs: Free
Wanneer: Donderdag 6 februari
Tijd: 16.00 – 18.00
Locatie: UCo, Tweededaalsedijk 6a Utrecht
Doelgroep: Professionals
Programmapijler: Circulaire Economie
Voertaal: Engels
Georganiseerd door: Except Intgrated Sustainability
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